Inspector FAQ

1. What is Hayman Engineering Inc?

Hayman Engineering Inc. is the first engineering company offering nationwide service catering to the needs of the residential housing industry. We provide engineering certifications for manufactured housing and structural inspections for site built housing.

2. What states do you cover?

We are currently licensed in many states. Each state where we offer services, we cover border to border.

3. How do you use home inspectors?

We contract with home inspectors to function as field technicians to collect data for Hayman Engineering Inc.. We now have over 1000 home inspectors in our nationwide network.

4. Are there protected areas for home inspectors?

No. We can always use another home inspector in every area. We will show you how you can market this service locally and generate your own orders.

5. Can I perform structural inspections through Hayman Engineering Inc.?

After completing our training, you can offer structural engineering letters through Hayman Engineering Inc.. You are not performing a structural inspection per se, you are collecting data so that our engineers can perform the structural analysis.

6. What is the liability on these inspections?

HRES carries E&O insurance coverage for the documents we issue. You have little to no E&O liability as you are only collecting information. You are not making any determination using the data. You do have general liability for any damage you may cause while you are on the property.

7. What do you pay for these inspections?

We pay $100 for the basic foundation certification if we originate the order and $150 if you originate the order. The inspection normally takes 10-15 minutes.

8. How do we market this service locally?

We will train you in how to market locally to banks and real estate companies. This will help you market your home inspection service at the same time.

9. I’d like more information. How do I proceed?

There is more training information in the next section. You will need a password to get into it. Send a request on the accompanying email and we will immediately send you the password.

10. Where to send checks for payment?

I did not pay for the inspection online and plan on mailing a check instead.

Mail payments to:

Hayman Engineering Inc.
P.O. Box 890075
Charlotte, NC 28289-0075

Thanks for your interest. Contact us if you have any questions.

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