Real Estate Agent FAQ

1. What states do you cover?

We are currently licensed in many states. Each state where we offer services, we cover border to border.

2. Do you do FHA/HUD foundation certifications?

Yes, we provide FHA/HUD certifications in every state where we are licensed

3. Do you do inspections/certifications on site built housing?

Yes. Often, an engineering letter is needed to address foundation issues on a site built conventional home. We provide that service also.

4. What is the turn around time?

Our normal turn around time is 3-5 business days. We have an expedited service available with a 24-48 hour turn around.

5. Do you require payment up front, or can your fee be paid at closing?

Our normal practice is to be paid up front, but we have a payment at closing option.

6. What is the cost?

There are some minor regional variations, but the charge is most areas is $415 when payment is received up front. We accept credit cards and process checks electronically for payment up front. There is an increased charge for payment at closing and for expedited service.

7. What are the payment at closing options?

If the lender will guarantee payment whether the loan closes or not, the cost is $495 if paid at closing (or when the loan fails to close). If the guarantee comes from the borrower, the payment at closing option is $595. We require a credit card or post dated check from the borrower to guarantee the payment at closing option.

8. What if the foundation is not HUD compliant?

We issue a non compliance letter listing the deficiencies. We also put you in touch with a local installer who can upgrade the foundation usually within 3 days. However, you may use anyone you wish to perform the required upgrades.

9. What if a conventionally built house needs foundation repairs?

We can direct you to a local contractor who can provide a bid for the needed repairs.

10. Who performs the upgrades?

Any properly licensed contractor can perform the upgrades. We provide a bid from a company that maintains a nationwide network of installers who can perform the work within a few days.

11. Can the upgrades be paid at closing?

That depends on the contractor performing the work. The bids we provide are from a contractor who will accept payment at closing. Work from other contractors may require payment at the completion of the work.

12. What happens after the upgrades are performed?

We schedule a reinspection at a reduced price (usually $175) and issue the engineering certificate.

13. How are your engineering certificates delivered?

We send our certificates via email. The original stays in our office. Upon request we can send an original “wet seal” of the engineering certificate to your office. However, the emailed versions are acceptable 99% of the time.

14. How do I make an order?

Our order forms can be filled out on our website and submitted directly to us. The lender section containing training and ordering information is password protected. Just fill out the request form on the lender page and the password will be immediately sent to you.

15. What training is available?

The training section contains information on HUD requirements for permanent foundations on manufactured housing and other information of interest to lenders. We can set up a training webinar specifically for your office upon request.


FoundationPlus is a national foundation company providing FHA compliant foundations to manufactured housing consumers.

Engineering a site specific foundation is an important and integral part of our service. We have chosen to use Hayman Residential engineering exclusively to fill this need.


Jeff Wood - President
Foundation Plus

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